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Yellow house with rainbow flag out front and in forefront a sign with thrive at CIGSYA LGBTQ CEnter of Cape Cod and the Islands

Diversity Respect Individuality Power

We Thrive
Cape Cod’s LGBTQ+ Center


Housing Program

Mondays at the We Thrive Center 3:30pm - 5:30pm
For special events check calendar and social media

Light blue gray almost transparent image of a mountain range in the background


We Thrive began in 1996 by the name CIGSYA (Cape and Islands Gay and Straight Youth Alliance). It is a center where people 22 and under can enjoy meetings, drop in times, field trips, special events, and more where there is camaraderie and support in a peer led, adult advised environment, free from judgment based on inherent differences. 

We stand strongly on the belief that making our community safer, more respectful and less judgmental begins by bringing a broad diversity of young people together in an environment where everyone's dignity is appreciated. Young people through this model learn about each other and realize that people are really not very different at all. Through this experience they become more open minded, well rounded, and accepting of others. Youth who in turn are appreciated rather than harassed, achieve higher levels of self esteem and live happier and healthier lives.

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